Ferguson Residents Knew Of Mike Brown Robbery All Along

As the story around the angelic “teddy bear” formerly known as Mike Brown continues to crumble, it seems that something shocking has been withheld by an entire community. According to one man, who happened to live at the exact location where Brown was killed, knew he had just earlier participated in a robbery.

In an effort to withhold the truth and pain the narrative that they wanted out there, residents of the community all withheld crucial information. Instead of telling the whole truth, witnesses stated that Brown was simply shot for no reason by police as he stand with his arms raised.

As it turns out, those in the immediate area during the time of Brown’s death, not only knew that he had just participated in a robbery, but exactly what he had stolen. News of this comes from a twitter user who goes by the name “Bruh,” who bore witness to the events that afternoon.

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