Feinstein Upset That Netanyahu ‘Humiliated, Embarrassed’ The Obama Regime

Dianne Feinstein is once again displaying the inability to think logically which has made her a lifelong Democrat. Her delusion has taken a giant leap beyond her most recent endeavor, endangering military service personnel and Americans overseas by releasing old torture reports. As bad as that was, the elite social parasite is somehow now okay with America assisting Iran in the acquisition of nuclear weapons. It’s not everyone who can claim to have played an active role in creating World War 3.

Iran is intent and focused on becoming the dominant nation in the Middle East and beyond. With the threat of nuclear weapons, one can only imagine the misdeeds they would feel emboldened to undertake. Certainly the elimination of the State of Israel is at the top of the list. There can be no rational doubt that arming Iran would inevitably result in a nuclear exchange. It is sheer foolishness or dishonesty to think or claim otherwise. Nobody in their right mind should be willing to gamble the future of the world on such a losing proposition. Being of right mind is not a mandatory requirement to serve in Congress or the executive branch.

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