Feds Shut Down ‘Amber Alerts’ While Keeping Michelle-O’s ‘Let’s Move’ Program Alive

Amber Alerts are put out by the Department of Justice, and alert the public when a child is abducted or goes missing. This way, people around the country can be on the lookout for missing children. It is a very important federal program, but the Obama administration has stopped the alerts due to the partial government shutdown.

It is unfortunate that Obama has chosen to shut down the Amber Alert program — one can’t help but think there are political motivations behind the decision to shut down the program.

Despite shutting down Amber Alerts, Obama has made no sacrifices to his own comfort – all of his personal chefs are still working, and his presidential golf course is still open.

Also, in another twist of sick irony, it is notable that First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program has not been closed amid the shutdown. The website for this program shows up normally, and it appears unaffected:

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