Fed Reveals Rich Got Richer as the Poor Got Poorer Under Obama

Reason bounces off liberals like bullets off Superman. They are impervious to any form of logic, which is why, despite their deeply flawed philosophy, they have remained relevant for so long. If the facts were laid bare, and everyone were exposed to liberalism in such a way that they would see it for what it truly is, it would be relegated to a small enclave of crazies on the fringes of societies. Unfortunately, because of the media, and the supreme spinning powers of the left, a large portion of Americans buy their garbage whole sale.

Every time evidence emerges that might make a leftist hero look bad, the spin machine comes out in full. One of the central themes of the Obama administration has been wealth inequality. Obama preaches about wealth inequality, and how the wealthy should pay their fair share, on an ongoing bases. A new survey by the Federal Reserve, however, has shown a light on the cockroaches, calling into question Obama’s economic policies.

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