FCC Official Warns – Obama Net Neutrality Plan Would Bring Immediate Internet Tax

If you like all the wonderful taxes that the democrats brought to you embedded in the Obama Care Act, you are going to love the new bill proposed by your beloved leader, Barrack Obama. Internet users would be forced to pay a new federal tax on their monthly bills if the government approves regulations recently endorsed by President Obama, a member of the Federal Communications Commission predicts.

Commissioner Mike O’Reilly addressed what’s known as “net neutrality” on Friday. He spoke after Obama backed stricter rules by calling for preventing service providers from charging more for speedier service and for regulating them like telecommunications companies.

That law requires telecommunications companies to pay into the FCC’s “Universal Service Fund” — and would likely require the same of Internet companies. But O’Reilly says history clearly shows that the fees would quickly be “passed off” to customers, just like they are now on monthly phone bills.

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