Father Shoots 2 Men Who Held Gun on Daughter

Last week, two felons, one who served time and another who was charged with first degree murder in 2010, took a 17 year old girl hostage. She had left her home to get something from her car which was parked along the curb in front of her home. That’s when 31 year old Terrell Johnson and 33 year old Cortez McClinton grabbed the girl at gunpoint. They forced her back into her house, where she lived with her mother.

The girl’s father was visiting at the time and carried a handgun with him. When the men entered the house, one of them was holding the daughter in front of him like a shield. Seeing the guns and the situation, the father reacted, drew his gun and shot both men.

When the shooting was over, Johnson was dead and McClinton was wounded. The father, who asked to remain anonymous and his daughter was safe and sound.

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