Farrakhan: American Flag is Racist, Take It Down!

Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam and professional race baiter, told hundreds gathered at a D.C. church on Wednesday that it was time to take down the American flag.

The always controversial Farrakhan spoke at the Metropolitan AME Church, where he evoked suspected Charleston shooter Dylan Roof. He went on to say the American flag was a symbol of racism and should be taken down.

“White folks march with you because they don’t want you upset in the city,” Farrakhan said, downplaying the outpouring of support Charleston has received. “They don’t give a damn about them nine. When they arrested that skunk …. they took him to the Burger King.”
“Man just killed nine human beings, and you know what they were saying? ‘You did a good job. Kill all them n******!’” he added.

The demagogue then turned his attention to Old Glory. Farrakhan dismissed debates over the Confederate flag, saying it was the American flag which has long stood for racism.

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