Facebook Censoring People Who Oppose Muslim Refugee Immigration

As the Islamic world continues on their modern-day crusade to purge the world of “infidels” by shooting, stabbing, beheading and burning those who oppose the “religion of peace,” the Western world is embroiled in idiocy. The left appears infinitely more-concerned with offending the delicate sensibilities of the Muslim world- both the peaceful and the murderous adherents of the religion- than they are with protecting the Western world from Islamic terrorism, a threat which the U.S. president refuses to cite as a danger.

Nowhere is this idiocy more prevalent than in Europe, a continent with a history of extreme tolerance of multiculturalism and lenient immigration policies that have produced catastrophes that could have been easily avoided with stringent immigration policies.

Those who disfavor the kind of policies that have weakened Europe have garnered the wrath of the “tolerant” left. This week, the UK’s parliament debated a travel ban for Donald Trump who proposed temporarily suspending Muslim immigration to the U.S. until we can assess and strengthen our national security measures.

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