Experts: Obamacare Tech Failures Only Beginning

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had three-and-a-half years to build the Obamacare exchanges. Now, GOP House members in charge of oversight want answers as to how the online system that cost taxpayers over half-a-billion dollars has failed on such a grand scale.

On Thursday, House GOP members of the Committee on Energy and Commerce sent a letter to Sebelius requesting an oversight briefing to occur no later than October 16th. The letter says Sebelius’s staff told lawmakers that the Obamacare exchanges were “proceeding on schedule and did not identify any problems like the ones now being experienced on”

Technology experts have panned the federal government’s Obamacare website, which handles 36 state exchanges. Anti-virus software creator John McAfee says the Obamacare website is a “hacker’s wet dream.” And numerous others have rejected the Obama Administration’s excuse that heavy traffic caused system malfunctions.

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