ESPN’s Decision To Give Caitlyn Jenner The ‘Courage’ Award Backfired Big Time

It was indeed a spectacle. But the fallout from Wednesday night’s ESPY Award presented to Caitlyn Jenner — the transgendered woman formerly known as Bruce — is certainly not what a cable net that relies on its fans for success wants to see. The homepage homage to Caitlyn’s “courage” has been blasted with sharply negative comments on the ESPN website.

Western Journalism published a pre-show piece on the Arthur Ashe Courage Award given to Jenner — that post was entitled “Receiving The ‘Courage’ Award From ESPN Could Be The Worst Thing To Happen To Caitlyn Jenner.” Ironically, putting the used-to-be-a-man cultural celebrity in the center-stage spotlight during the nationally televised ABC show last night may have been pretty bad for ESPN as well…if posted reaction is any indicator.

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