ESPN Broadcaster Admits to Being Creationist – Internet Explodes!

Dave Pasch is a wonderful basketball analyst and sportscaster, but apparently the fact that he is also a Creationist who doesn’t buy into evolution means he’s somehow of less value.

It all began when Pasch’s commentary partner Bill Walton gave him a copy of Darwin’s Origin of Species during the live broadcast. Things quickly devolved into a mini-debate over the veracity of evolution and the fact that Pasch and Walton disagree on the origins of our planet.

From Deadspin:

Walton, apparently already familiar with Pasch’s creationist beliefs, gifted a copy of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species to the ESPN play-by-play man in honor of Pasch winning an “Arizona Sportscaster of the Year” award. Walton then stated, “I want to make sure you believe in evolution.”

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