EPA’s Highest Paid Employee Sentenced to 32 Months Prison for Fraud and Lying

In an incredible story that sounds like the plot from a bad movie or a dime store book, the Environmental Protection Agency’s highest-paid employee and a leading expert on climate change was just sentenced to 32 months in prison for lying to his bosses so he could avoid actually doing any real work. Even more amazing is the lie that he told to get out of working. He told his superiors at the EPA that he was a CIA spy working in Pakistan! Incredible as it seems, even more incredible may be the fact that these lies carried on for some 15 years before anyone caught wind that John C. Beele was committing a massive fraud on the government and the American taxpayers.

Beele was making more than $200K a year while not actually doing anything… but Beele found other ways to bilk the taxpayers by billing the government for personal travel and claiming to be suffering from diseases he contracted while working (he had no diseases and didn’t even go to the places where he said he contracted them)! It is perhaps the best and most glaring example of what happens when government grows too cumbersome to police itself.

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