EPA’s Global Warming Regulations Will Cost $500 Billion, Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs

Recently, John Kerry put forth his own version of Pascal’s Wager when arguing for more crippling directives for preventing a global climatic disaster. He said that even if the “deniers” were right about the science, it doesn’t matter. What’s the worst that could happen – that we end up with a cleaner Earth and cleaner air and water? Here’s what he said:

“If we make the necessary efforts to address this challenge—and supposing I’m wrong or scientists are wrong, 97 percent of them all wrong—supposing they are, what’s the worst that can happen? We put millions of people to work transitioning our energy, creating new and renewable and alternative; we make life healthier because we have less particulates in the air and cleaner air and more health; we give ourselves greater security through greater energy independence—that’s the downside. This is not a matter of politics or partisanship; it’s a matter of science and stewardship. And it’s not a matter of capacity; it’s a matter of willpower.”

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