EPA Wants to Regulate the Use of Your BBQ Grill

People across the country are praying for winter to end. It has been brutal and it has been harsh. But when the snow melts, flowers bloom, and birds begin chirping in the air, there is a distinct smell that flows across the country. I’m not talking about spring or summer or of fresh cut grass. No no. I am talking about BBQing. That’s right. A nice beautiful day calls for a nice beautiful slab of meat, grilled to perfection. But beware! If you do BBQ, big brother might be all over you.

Yes, the government is now trying to regulate your BBQ. The EPA wants to ensure that you can reduce particular matter emissions for residential propane BBQs.

Here is the description from the EPA’s website:


To perform research and develop preventative technology that will reduce fine particulate emissions (PM2.5) from residential barbecues. This technology is intended to reduce air pollution as well as health hazards in Southern California, with potential for global application.

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