EPA Pleads with Employees to Stop ‘Pooping’ in Hallways

America certainly has been having problems with the EPA’s employees, but it seems the EPA itself has been having a few problems with its employees, too. In one case it’s been so bad that the EPA has had to issue a directive to warn employees to stop pooping in the hallways at work.

The website Government Executive, a site run by the National Journal that features news about federal managers and executives, reported that the officials at the Denver offices of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) were forced to send an email scolding those employees who decided to forgo the use of the bathroom facilities there.

In the email obtained by GovExec.com, EPA Deputy Regional Administrator Howard Cantor detailed “several incidents” of bathrooms being vandalized, presumably by employees. The email lists incidents of toilets clogged with paper towels and other vandalism. It also noted that that an “individual” was “placing feces in the hallway.”

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