Elite Abortion Clinic Now Offers ‘Sim Abortions’ For Gay Men

Abortion rights advocates have recently grabbed headlines with their effort to “de-stigmatize” abortion by offering spa-like abortion services.

Less well-known is another recent innovation in the world of abortion: Offering simulated abortion experiences for pro-choice gay men.

The procedure is exactly what it sounds like: A gay man, though biologically unable to have children and unlikely to ever father his own, receives a full abortion experience, minus the actual abortion.

Dr. Kristel Caulfield, an abortionist at the Williamsburg Women’s Center in Brooklyn, said the center initially offered a mock abortion procedure as a one-off gesture for a young tech millionaire and his husband who had made a generous donation to the clinic. Word spread, however, and soon several other gay couples were asking to try the procedure themselves, so the clinic made it an official offering.

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