Effective Today, Giving Biblical Counseling to Homosexual Youth is Illegal in Cincinnati

The text of the law applies to “mental health professionals” while working with minors. It only applies to those pastors that are licensed. The text of my article has been slightly changed to account for that. I also changed the title of the post, because people were being misled by it.]

At today’s meeting of the Cincinnati City Council law and public safety committee, Council Member Chris Seelbach “will propose an ordinance that would impose a $200-a-day fine on a therapist or counselor practicing the therapy that aims to “change” lesbians, gay men, bisexuals or transgender people from their sexual orientation or gender identity,” according to Cincinnati.com.

According to the article it will likely be a done deal on Wednesday of this week. Seelbach is confident that he has the necessary votes both to make it out of committee tonight and to pass it as law on Wednesday. Although a few states have passed similar laws, no major city has done so, and Cincinnati.com is exultant in claiming that Cincinnati is leading the way in such wickedness.

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