Earth Day: Pope Francis Jumps Onboard with the Religion of Global Warming

This week many around the world will observe “Earth Day.” What started out 45 years ago as the brainchild of Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin in an attempt to create a “new wave” of environmental activism, has morphed into a new form of religion. Nelson was a Democrat who also believed that population control was paramount to the survival of the planet. This is actually a very common theme among the most vocal global warming advocates from Ted Turner to Bill Gates. Here is Ted Turner in an interview with Charlie Rose, detailing the importance of “voluntary” population control.

The founder of CNN has 5 children, but apparently the rest of us need to limit ourselves to meet his mandate. It’s also worth noting that the founder of CNN has a net worth in excess of $2 Billion dollars, yet he’s concerned that “too many people are using too much stuff.” Of course, this is nothing more than another example of liberal hypocrisy, but it’s worth noting nonetheless. Although Earth Day will serve as a catalyst for pushing forward a radical agenda, there is something far more sinister at work here. Global warming is considered by some to be a “scientific based ideology”; therefore, there is no room for a belief in God. In the words of Richard Dawkins, “not only is science corrosive to religion; religion is corrosive to science.”

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