Drunk Driving Is Illegal, Except For Illegals – Border Patrol Ordered Not To Arrest

If one wants to know what it’s like being above the law, they could always ask an elitist Washington politician. But since that access is somewhat limited, and you can’t swing a dead cat in America without someone hollering “Cuidado, un Gato Muerto!” it would be much easier to ask a member of the new imported privileged class, the illegal border crasher.

Of course, as more and more privileges are bestowed upon our new elite squatter class and more and more of the people’s money is used to support them, it’s getting much harder for the communists in power to deny what they are doing. They still try, but fewer and fewer American citizens are willing to just sit down and do as they are told.

The latest assault on our citizenry comes at the hands of the most prolific chronic offender, DHS Secretary and amnesty invasion architect, Jeh Johnson. Judicial Watch reports that Border Patrol Officers are now under DHS instructions to violate their oaths once again and to not arrest criminal illegal alien DUI offenders. The new directive applies to a 262 mile long stretch along the Mexico-Arizona border in the Tucson sector, one of the busiest illegal drug and human trafficking sectors they serve.

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