Don’t Mess With Texas: AG Defends Christian Pastors Against Liberal Mayor

In Bible Belt Texas, the city of Houston has been caught issuing several subpoenas for pastors’ sermons as well as other communications that churches have had with their own congregations.

The city has attempted to veto sermons and other communications that preach opposition to anti-discrimination/equal rights city ordinances that in the real world gives rights to certain groups and slams those who oppose the special treatment as discriminators.

But Attorney General Greg Abbott has told Mayor Annise Parker that she has crossed the First Amendment line. Mayor Parker received a letter from Abbot stating that her subpoenas were to be withdrawn “immediately”, and Parker is now bringing the Constitutionally-guaranteed word of the people back to the churches from which she took them. But she’s not apologizing, or even backing down. Shes states that the subpoenas needed to be clarified more stringently:

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