Doctor Group: Obama’s Anti-Gun Orders Violate Patient Privacy Laws

When we consider the left’s relentless crusade against our Second Amendment rights, we must further consider that more often than not, these efforts to curtail the right that protects all others have far-reaching constitutional and ethical consequences.

An example of this kind of effect can be seen in the left’s recent push to restrict gun sales on people on the so-called “terrorist watchlist.” While foreign nationals are already prohibited from purchasing firearms and those convicted of felonies are prohibited as well, Democrats have postured as the protectors of society by insisting that Republicans are looking to facilitate the arming of terrorists.

In reality, the argument is nothing short of a manipulation. An American citizen can be placed on the list without any semblance of due process. If a government bureaucrat says that one is a terrorist, he is a terrorist and if the Democrats had their way, that man would be denied his Second Amendment rights without any due process of the law.

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