Dems Block Bill to Help Human Trafficking Victims Because it Won’t Fund Abortions

For Democrats, abortion trumps everything else in politics and that axiom is seen on Capitol Hill this week as Democrats in Congress are blocking a bill to help human trafficking victims because the measure won’t pay for their abortions.

The legislation passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee without any problems but, now that it’s slated for consideration on the floor of the U.S. Senate, pro-abortion activists are raising a stink about how funds for restitution for human trafficking victims won’t pay for abortions. The objection is offensive to victims of human trafficking and millions of girls and young women around the world who are victimized by it, putting abortion ahead of meeting their needs.

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, a pro-life Republican, is the lead sponsor of the measure to help human trafficking victims and aides to pro-abortion Democrats apparently missed the fact, during the committee hearing, that Cornyn crafted the bill in a way to help women as opposed to making Americans pay for abortions.

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