Democrats Kick and Scream As Border Security Bill Cruises Through the House

The House version of a Border Security bill cleared committee Wednesday night, after frustrated Democratic committee members ran out of ways to effectively stomp their feet.

Members of the Committee on Homeland Security met soon after 2 p.m. Wednesday to consider and debate potential amendments to the “Secure Our Borders First Act,” before passing it through to the House. Chairman Michael McCaul introduced the bill Friday, saying it would beef up border patrol capabilities, and establish an independent commission to verify the security of the border.

It’s on a leadership sponsored fast track that is frustrating Democrats, so they used procedural maneuvers and delay tactics to obstruct the bill and make things difficult for McCaul and the rest of the Republican committee members.

“Isn’t it fun?” California Rep. Loretta Sanchez told The Daily Caller News Foundation when the hearing finally ended after 10 p.m. “Isn’t it great when Republicans don’t show us a bill?”

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