Democrats Apologize to IRS Commissioner For Tough Questions From GOP

While IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is getting grilled by Republican lawmakers for his “dog ate my homework” answers regarding the “mysterious disappearance” of Lois Lerner’s emails, what are the Democrats doing? They’re apologizing for Republicans asking tough questions and for calling him out on being the liar that he is! These are questions that We The People have a right to know the correct answers to. I thought that I’d seen it all, but this is a disgraceful display from Democrat lawmakers; who, I might add, should be asking tougher questions.

During the Watergate hearings, Democrats did the exact same things the Republicans are doing now, but I don’t seem to remember any Republicans “apologizing” to those individuals on the witness stand. Not only were the Watergate hearings on national television every day they were in session, but the entire news media wanted to know everything that was going on. My, how times have changed!

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