Democrat Jim Webb Opposes Iran Deal: ‘We Need to Put Country Ahead of Party’

Democratic presidential hopeful Jim Webb on Sunday criticized those in his party who have attacked Democratic lawmakers like Sen. Chuck Schumer for saying they will vote against the Iran nuclear agreement.

Reiterating his own opposition to what he described as “a bad deal” with Iran, the former Virginia senator said politicians should put the United States ahead of the party.

“I think we need to put country ahead of party,” Webb said on Fox News. “It troubles me when I see all this debate about whether this is disloyalty to the president or to the Democratic Party, particularly with what Chuck Schumer has gone through.”

Schumer, the New York senator in line to become the party’s next Senate leader, became the most senior Democrat yet to side against the Obama administration on the issue when he announced Thursday he will oppose the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) when Congress votes on a resolution of disapproval next month.

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