Democrat Congressman Making $174,000 Claims He’s Underpaid

The average salary of the American people is around $45,000. Members of Congress make a minimum of $174,000. They bring in a bit more every year if they are in leadership.

Americans who were forced into the Obamacare exchanges that they didn’t want by the Democrats in the House and Senate are forced to pay the exorbitant costs on their own since employer contributions are not allowed. Congress, however, received an exemption from Barack Obama in exchange for the passage of his health care law. They, unlike other Americans, will still have around 73% of their Obamacare costs paid by the American taxpayer. In addition, the plan that Americans are paying for Congress to have is the top of the line Gold plan.

But, at least one member of Congress doesn’t think this is all good enough. As his party pushes for a 39%  increase in the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10, with many advocating for a $15 minimum wage, Jim Moran thinks his $174,000 annual salary plus benefits is not sufficient.

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