Democrat Admits ‘Green’ Policies Have Little Impact on Carbon Reduction

Oregon’s disgraced Gov. John Kitzhaber may have stepped down, but that doesn’t mean members of his staff bid their jobs adieu. Margi Hoffmann, the former energy policy adviser to Kitzhaber, retained her position in current Gov. Kate Brown’s administration. That fact is particularly relevant given new emails recently uncovered by the Oregonian that reveal the reality of Kitzhaber administration’s “green” energy policies being considered by Oregon’s Democrat-controlled Legislature this week. The Oregonian,

“Among the things Kitzhaber considered, as the draft June 2014 report notes, was a legislative push to “Create a transition to a price on carbon.”

“According to the road map Hoffmann laid out, the governor would first determine whether “there is a viable pathway to victory on the ballot.” To that end, those involved would “design several carbon taxation or carbon pricing policy mechanisms, like cap and trade, cap and dividend, carbon tax, revenue neutral carbon tax.” If “a pathway to victory on the ballot is identified,” then the governor would “decide whether or not to use that to force a conversation in the legislature” by introducing the necessary bill or bills.

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