Dem. Rangel Blames Guns, Not Democrats or Rioters For NYPD Assassinations

Just because Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) supposedly represents citizens of New York’s Harlem, an area which has been known in the past to have high crime, is no reason for him to come out in support of those who seek to keep the peace.

Contrarily, he’s continuing the attack, having taken the baton from Mayor de Blasio for the time being in order to allow him an opportunity to crawl back under his rock and hide out for a while the pressure on him dies down.

Rangel is implementing a tried and true socialist Democrat and community organizer technique of changing the discussion, veering off of the topic of de Blasio and the Democrats in the executive branch targeting cops and instead attempting to direct the attention to the fact that the murderer of two NYPD officers carried out his heinous crime by using a handgun he brought with him from Maryland.

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