Dem Congressman Proposes 6′ Moat Around the White House

An alarming number of recent security breaches led to an insane proposal from Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen during a House Judiciary Committee meeting with the Secret Service on Wednesday. “Would a moat, water, six feet around, be kind of attractive and effective?” Cohen asked. It may sound like a hilarious joke, but he was absolutely serious.

Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy, clearly stunned by Cohen’s proposal, responded, “Sir, it may be. One of the things we balance is obviously the accessibility of the White House. We recognize the historic nature of the White House and how the American people should have access to the White House. So we are now in the process of working with our partners at the National Parks Services to see if we can do something with the fence.”

Infowars points out that a White House moat would be ironically fitting, considering Obama’s mentality of ruling like a medieval king. Indeed, Senator Ted Cruz recently called Obama out for “acting as a monarch.” All he needs now is a protective body of water to surround his castle.

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