Dem Congressman Burns KKK Cross as Anti-Tea Party Illustration in Fundraiser Email

Representative Alan Grayson of Florida is one of the biggest ignoramuses in Congress. He’s proving this truth once again with his latest hate mongering by using a photo of a burning KKK cross on a fundraising email in his latest attempt to slam the tea party movement and raise some money from his hate-filled supporters.

Unfortunately, this sort of disgusting behavior is nothing new for this creep. He’s called women “whores,” he calls everyone a racist, and he’s been one of the biggest mouths in DC.

His latest racebaiting screed starts with a subject line that reads, “The Tea Party: ‘No More Popular Than The Klan,” (itself a humongous lie). Then the email sports a photo of KKK clansmen standing near a burning cross. A caption reads, “Now you know what the ‘T’ stands for.”

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