Daily Beast: Disobeying Supreme Court Ruling is Treason

It’s stunning how fast things can change in the La-La Land that passes for liberal logic.

Within a day of the Supreme Court’s ruling creating a constitutional right to homosexual “marriage,” the same sort of people who see burning the U.S. flag as free speech were suddenly gung-ho for America and accusing dissenters from the court’s majority opinion of committing treason.

Jay Michaelson at the Daily Beast is of the opinion that part of a Supreme Court justice’s job is to quell controversy.

Dipping into one of the homosexual rights movement’s favorite straw man arguments, Michaelson compares Friday’s ruling to Brown v. Board of Education, which ruled segregation in schools illegal, and Loving v. Virginia, which found race-based marriage bans unconstitutional. Both rulings were 9-0 under the leadership of Chief Justice Earl Warren.

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