Creflo Dollar Wants You to Buy Him a Gulfstream Jet to Witness the ‘Gospel of Grace’

It is hard to believe that there are so many people that come under the influence of people such as the Dollars. Creflo and Taffi Dallar are the leaders of the prosperity gospel organization, World Changers International, based near Atlanta, Georgia. Creflo pushes the idea that God wants all the faithful to be blessed and wealthy. He often points to his own wealth as proof that his doctrine is true. The Dollars often put forward the idea that if people will give to their ministry, then God will give it back to them and then some. Usually, the Dollars wind up duping those who were already strapped financially. Now they are asking for more.

AP is reporting:

The website of Creflo Dollar Ministries asked people Friday to “Sow your love gift of any amount” to help the ministry buy a Gulfstream G650 airplane.

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