Cops Taser Father Trying to Rescue Son In House Fire; Son Dies

When Louisiana, Missouri, police arrived at the scene of a nighttime house fire, they discovered two distraught parents trying desperately to get into the back door to rescue their three-year-old son, Riley Jeffrey Miller. Rather than attempting to aid the rescue, the police decided that Riley was as good as dead, so they repeatedly tasered Mr. Miller and eventually arrested him.

Think about this for a minute: Mr. Miller was so determined to rescue his son that he was tasered three times before police could control him. Apparently the police’s entire efforts were bent towards controlling a distraught father, rather than rescuing a trapped child. No wonder the child’s aunt, in the video above, describes them as “heartless.”

What do you think of the police decision to disable Mr. Miller to block any rescue attempt? Should they have allowed Mr. Miller to engage in conduct they deemed suicidal? Or were they so bureaucratically rigid that they failed to understand that there are certain things a father must to do for his child and so unimaginative that they couldn’t imagine the possibility of a miracle?

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