Congress Claims to be ‘Small Business’ to Avoid Obamacare Regulations for Themselves

Congress isn’t supposed to be able to use the healthcare exchange, so they broke the rules.

This blog has reported on how the President has treated Obamacare as a personal empowerment to give orders rather than as a law in any real sense. Whenever there was a perceived problem, the President would simply change the law to suit his wishes. In a sense, the Supreme Court joined him by changing the law as well in order to make it workable.

It seems Congress has been doing the same thing, breaking the written rules in order to get the results they want. As the Daily Caller reports, “Judicial Watch Challenges Congress’ Claim To Be A Small Business.”

A conservative non-profit watchdog group is challenging what it views as the fraudulent registration of Congress as a small business in the District of Columbia’s Obamacare health insurance exchange.

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