Common Core Backers: Your Children ‘Belong To All Of Us’

Conservative parents across the nation recognize the increased influence America’s public school system has over their children’s lives. Instead of focusing on necessary skills and subjects, federal mandates and the oft-maligned Common Core curricula are primarily concerned with indoctrinating the next generation with leftist propaganda.

Even as a growing number of parents are discovering this painful truth, some of Common Core’s most ardent backers are doing little to assuage their fears.

During a recent panel discussion on the program, former Massachusetts Education Sec. Paul Reville criticized those who prefer local educational oversight as opposed to a one-size-fits-all federal mandate.

“To be sure,” he said, “there’s always a small voice … of people who were never in favor of standards in the first place and never wanted to have any kind of testing or accountability and those voices get amplified.”

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