Colorado Public School: Girls Must Wear Hijab on Field Trip to Mosque

An upcoming field trip for a public middle school in Colorado has caused some outrage amongst parents and the community. The Douglas County School District has sent out notice to parents of girls participating that they need to comply with strict sharia dress codes to attend the local mosque. Christians and feminists should both be outraged.

I understand that this is a social studies course teaching various world religions, but with the continuous capitulation to Islam in America, our children deserve better. The school notes that the field trip is not mandatory, just the dress code if they are attending.

I remember elementary school for my daughters during the early-mid 2000s. It was my first taste of “multiculturalism,” as required by public schools. Following the “winter program” which highlighted all of the popular religions’ winter celebrations (Hanukkah, Ramadan and Kwanzaa) except Christianity, I made my complaints to the principal. She told me that Christianity had been covered when the children sang “Here Comes Santa Claus,” because the mention of a baby in a manger would be “far too offensive.” I fought this with all I could muster until finally putting my children back into Christian school and homeschooling as needed. Mind you, this occurred very briefly following the 9/11 attacks. How quickly we surrender.

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