Col. Allen West: Obama is a ‘Spoiled Brat Child’ and ‘a Pathological Liar’

One of the things that has endeared Allen West to Tea Party conservatives, aside from his commitment to liberty-based principles and his impressive leadership record is the fact that he is a plain speaking man. His courage is such that he’s not afraid to speak his mind.

And speak his mind he did in a telephone interview with When the host asked West what West thinks underlies Obama’s behavior, West honed in on Obama’s vindictive, deceitful personality, which the American people have reinforced whenever they’ve rewarded his bad behavior:

Well, I can put it in very basic terms: A spoiled brat child, a pathological liar, and someone that, pretty much so, the United States of America participated in a Pavlovian experiment. We have been giving Barack Obama everything that he has wanted. We gave him a state senator position in Chicago; we gave him a US senate position out of the state of Illinois. Unproven, untested, no resume, we gave him the presidency twice. So if you continue to reward bad behavior, you’ll get more of that bad behavior. And Steve, you can go to any grocery store, and you can see any parent that acquiesces to a screaming, ranting child in the cereal aisle, you’re going to get that every time you go to that cereal aisle.

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