CNN Says That ‘ISIS Will Laugh at Obama’s Speech’

A very interesting moment played out on CNN Monday when Wolf Blitzer discussed President Obama’s recent ISIS/Gun Control speech with a panel of pundits. When Blitzer turned to the Daily Beast’s Michael Weiss and wondered how ISIS would receive President Obama’s speech, Weiss held nothing back saying, “I think they’ll (ISIS) laugh, frankly… “

We have known for some time that President Obama is wildly out of touch with reality when it comes to the issue of our confrontation with ISIS in particular and with Islamic terrorism in general. However, his most recent speech in the aftermath of the Muslim terrorist attack on a San Bernardino workplace Christmas Party may just be “the straw that breaks the camel’s back” for the American people. Obama chose to focus on protecting the reputation of worldwide Islam and demagogue conservatives on gun control instead of facing facts about our fight against terrorism.

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