Climate Alarmist Admits Global Warming Isn’t About Science But About Destroying Capitalism

he progressive movement has been incredibly skilled at weaving false narratives in order to justify taking away individual liberty. They do it all the time, and the media helps them promote these narratives as fact when they are often far from it. That’s why it’s nice when one of them actually says what’s going on. Often, progressives do this flippantly, without realizing that they’ve just given away their hand.

from IBD:

The most persistent hobgoblin of the last quarter-century has been global warming, now called climate change but eventually to be known as extreme weather, or some such other fright-inducing name. The climate activists are constantly bombarding us with warnings, hectoring, hysteria, pleading and threats. Apocalyptic books have been written and shrill movies made, all in an effort to slow man’s combustion of fossil fuels.

Included among these is a new documentary “inspired” by Naomi Klein’s book “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate.” If the title isn’t enough to give away Klein’s motives for attacking the climate “crisis,” then a comment she makes in the trailer — please forgive: watching the entire documentary would be as agonizing as any medieval torture — should.

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