City of Houston Using Eminent Domain to Steal Land from Churches

We have seen this over and over in movie after movie. The rich land developer swoops into a dying section of town. He uses his power to condemn people’s homes and businesses to get the land cheap. Then, unless a hero comes in to save the day, he builds massive high-rises and quadruples his investment. This is the fantasy that we were fed in the late eighties. Now, we come to realize that more times than not it is the government who uses these tactics rather than the rich.

Christian News reports

The Houston Housing Authority is seeking to purchase property through eminent domain belonging to the two entities—a total of four properties—to build a 63-unit affordable housing development and a library in the city’s Fifth Ward. But the churches don’t want to give up their property and the Housing Authority says that the project can’t move forward without them.

This will mean that the churches will have to take the offer the city gives for the land, or they will lose their land. The churches are not unused, and they are seeking to make a difference in their communities. They want and are having an impact in the place that God has placed them.

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