Christian Pastor on Trial for Preaching that Islam is Satanic

That whole “it could never happen here” argument is starting to get old.

History has innumerable examples of how things that should never happen invariably do happen. Whether it’s democratic Germany becoming fascist (and racist), once anti-communist America seriously flirting with an avowed socialist politician, or formerly atheist Russia becoming the most outspoken “Christian” nation in the world, history has a way of taking our preconceived notions about what is and isn’t possible and flipping those things on their head.

This same kind of “upsidedowness” is currently developing within Western culture with regards to Christianity, and more generally, Judeo-Christian ethics. Whether on homosexuality, Islam or liberty – our modern culture seems to be honestly repulsed by the many miracles that Judeo-Christian beliefs have bestowed upon our civilization.

In fact, that repulsion to our beliefs has become so strong that we are even being jailed for speaking our mind (take that freedom of speech)!

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