Christian Kids Murdered by Muslims for Refusing to Convert, Instead Saying ‘No, We Love Jesus’

Sometimes the stories I feel compelled to write about seem like “too much.” I have felt my heart break numerous times since I began writing for Eagle Rising… and this is one of those hard stories.

The Reverend Canon Andrew White is the Anglican Vicar of Baghdad, and he’s become famous for being one of the few sources of news about Christians from inside ISIS influenced areas. Sadly the news from inside Iraq does not seem to be getting better. Just last week, Reverend White sat down for an interview with the Christian Broadcast Network (CBN) to talk about some of the brutal methods ISIS is using to wipe out Christianity in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS is constantly looking for ways to terrorize the local population (and the rest of the world). They’ve accomplished this by being merciless and violent, but they’ve also used shame. ISIS has done their job well, pushing more than 250,000 Christians into Kurdish controlled Northern Iraq.

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