Caught: Planned Parenthood Aiding Sex Traffickers to Obtain Abortions for Child Sex Slaves

Anyone recall the many videos that have exposed the corruption of Planned Parenthood? In 2013, Live Action exposed just how rampant late term abortions are at Planned Parenthood. We’ve seen the organization exposed for gendercide in Hawaii and Texas, as well as many other cities. They’ve even been caught on video providing abortion advice to pimps and offering sadomasochism tips to minors. Now, Live Action exposes the latest criminal activities of Planned Parenthood, compliments of the American taxpayer: Aiding sex traffickers in obtaining abortions for child sex slaves.

The video claims that Planned Parenthood clinics were caught “knowingly providing secret abortions for child sex-trafficking rings.” These clinics are located in:

Richmond, VA
Bronx, NY
Roanoke, VA
Charlottesville, VA
Falls Church, VA
Perth Amboy, NJ

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