Catholic Priest Sues Obama After He Was Threatened With Arrest For Performing Mass

The shutdown is over, but we hope that Americans have long memories when it comes to the Obama administration’s decision to suspend Americans’ First Amendment rights to free speech, free assembly, and freedom of worship. Certainly the strong visuals provided by the administration’s expensive efforts to block Americans from assembling at Open Air monuments and memorials made headlines everywhere, because the cones, yellow tape, and aged veterans should help people remember what their government did to them.

Because it was less visual, the administration’s attack on faith, though arguably more serious, was less remarked upon. This may change, though, thanks to a lawsuit that the Thomas Moore Law Center is bringing on behalf of a Catholic priest who was threatened with arrest if he performed mass at a military base – even if he did so without pay. Fr. Leonard joins Fred Naylor, a retired veteran who is one of Fr. Leonard’s parishioners.

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