The Pope Is Coming to America to Trash Capitalism

As the U.S. presidential campaign exposes contempt for elites and angst over the future, Pope Francis arrives for his first visit with plans to denounce gross inequality and planetary neglect. The message, delivered by the spiritual leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics during a six-day tour starting on September 22, will doubtless focus U.S. public discourse. Francis, 78, has stamped his humble personality on the papacy and has little time for diplomatic niceties. Having called money “the Read more […]

CDC Tells Airlines to ‘Treat All Body Fluids as Infectious’

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, increasing their warnings on Ebola, is advising airlines and jet staff to treat all body fluids as infectious, even on domestic flights. “Treat all body fluids as though they are infectious,” said the latest CDC update to airlines. The update notes that if Ebola is suspected, aircraft can be cleaned mid-flight. The update is apparently meant to stress the rights airlines have to block anyone who appears “ill” from boarding. The agency this Read more […]

More Psycho Control — Less Gun Control

Guns Don’t Kill — Psychos With Guns Kill. If we want to stop psychos from killing, then it’s psychos that need to be controlled. There are fewer psychos than guns, so it should be a lot easier. No one knows what it’s like to lose a child in any way. But to lose a child because some psycho was ticked off at his parents and the world and wanted to take it out on other people, that must be unbearable. The answer, of course, is not to blame the gun or the car or the machete that Elliot Rodger Read more […]

Harry Reid seeks to strip First Amendment

Saying the foundations of representative government are at stake, Senate Republicans on Thursday filibustered a tax cuts package to protest Democrats‘ denial of a chance to offer amendments. But the vote, the second GOP filibuster this week, created an unusual situation in which Republicans opposed tax reductions and Democrats championed them, saying veterans, teachers, college students and others will suffer if the cuts aren’t approved by the end of the year. Hours earlier, Democrats announced Read more […]

I Was Never a KISS Fan, But I am Now After I Heard This!

You don’t often hear interview subjects challenging prominent journalists about their ex-wives and other peccadilloes. But that’s what happened on Monday’s CBS This Morning. Reporter Anthony Mason interviewed Kiss singer and guitarist Paul Stanley on the band’s entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. “Mason quizzed, ‘And when the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame asked the original members to perform together again, Stanley resisted. For old times’ sake, one more time, you wouldn’t want Read more […]

Michelle Obama’s “Success” In Reducing Childhood Obesity Never Happened

If you were reading me in January, you might remember how shocked I was by a claim (one of many false claims) that President Barack Obama made in his state of the union speech. I wrote, “If The President Can Credit Michelle Obama With Lowering Childhood Obesity, Then He can Get Away With Anything.” I know there were much more dangerous and important things said in President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, but one relatively minor claim completely surprised and shocked me. As Read more […]

EPA Fines Man $75,000 a Day for Building Pond on His Own Property

hese types of stories always remind me that the idea of private property nowadays is a complete myth. The government taxes “our” property and seeks to control everything we do on it. Andrew Johnson lives in Wyoming on an 8-acre farm and built a stock pond on his property. It’s a free country, so he should be able to do as he pleases on his own property, right? He even went through the trouble of getting his project approved and permitted by the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office. But not Read more […]

If At First You Do Not Secede Try, Try Again

I noticed that, last night, Drudge included a story about Crimea’s vote to break away from Ukraine with a story about the vote in Venetia as well as stories about Scotland and Quebec. While Venice’s referendum is only a step to move toward independence, Scotland has a real vote that would sever the country from the rest of the United Kingdom. People are trying to figure out what to do about the elections that are taking place only ten months before the vote over secession. If Scotland votes Read more […]

All White Students Banned From College’s “Diversity Event”

South Puget Sound Community College in Olympia, WA, held a feel-good diversity event, in which they explicitly banned white students from participating. This news must surely have come like a slap in the face with a wet fish to the white social-justice warriors at the school who sincerely believed that if they debased themselves and ingratiated themselves and prostrated themselves before the “people of color” (colored people) at their school by constantly railing against their own fellow whites, Read more […]

Canadian Catholic Schools Ordered to Teach Wiccan, Pagan Rites

A dispute over whether government can require Catholic schools to teach Wiccan and pagan rites as equal to the Ten Commandments and the resurrection of Jesus is heading to Canada’s highest court. “Faith-based educational institutions should be free to live and operate according to the faith they teach and espouse,” said Gerald Chipeur, Q.C., of the Canadian firm Miller Thompson LLP. “If the government can force Loyola High School to violate its faith, then the government can do the Read more […]

Union In Harry Reid’s State Threatening To Go On Strike Because Of Obamacare Read

Remember: Harry Reid assured us that Obamacare is wonderful and that all the “horror stories” about the Affordable Care Act are lies. Looks like the casino workers in Las Vegas disagree. They don’t want it. On Feb. 20, thousands of housekeepers, porters, cooks, cocktail servers, and others represented by Nevada’s largest union, the Culinary Union Local 226, voted to end a contract extension the workers agreed to last summer. The union wants to maintain its current benefits — including Read more […]