White House Invites Several Opponents of Catholic Teaching to Meet Pope Francis

President Obama will apparently test just how far Pope Francis’ notorious tolerance will go by inviting a rogue’s gallery of people opposed to Catholic teaching to greet the pontiff at the White House during his visit next week. In a stunning show of political indecorum, Obama has invited a series of individuals who publicly flout Catholic teaching, including a pro-abortion religious sister, a transgender woman and the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, along with at least two Catholic gay Read more […]

Planned Parenthood Spent $5 Million in Support of Dems for 2014 Election

As Congress heads into a debate over whether to continue funds to Planned Parenthood, a Washington Examiner analysis shows that Planned Parenthood and affiliates spent almost $5 million dollars in election ads promoting Democratic lawmakers in 2014. Additionally, Planned Parenthood has contributed $679,596 directly to federal candidates, $676,885 of that to Democrats, in 2014. Planned Parenthood was in the top 10 percent of nearly 200 outside expenditure groups in 2014, and the analysis shows Read more […]

Trump Accuses Carson Of Being ‘Heavy Into Abortion’

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump accused rival candidate Ben Carson of being “heavy into the world of abortion” during his time as a pediatric neurosurgeon. The billionaire went after the retired physician, calling him an “OK doctor,” on CNN’s “New Day” after Carson questioned Trump’s faith. “By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches and honor and life and that’s a very big part of who I am. I don’t get that impression with him,” Carson said of Read more […]

Obama Spends $77 Million Funding Research With Body Parts From Aborted Babies

The Obama administration has steadfastly defended Planned Parenthood and its taxpayer funding throughout the scandal exposing its sales of aborted babies and their body parts for research. Now, new information reveals the Obama administration has been expanding funding for such research. The federal government has paid for so-called fetal tissue research for decades but the Obama administration, according to a report in The Hill, a Congressional newspaper, has expanded that funding. The report Read more […]

White House: Obama Will Veto Bills That Would Prosecute Infanticide and Defund Planned Parenthood

This week the White House released a statement of administration policy indicating that President Obama would veto both H.R. 3134 (a one year ban on funding for Planned Parenthood, which the House just passed) and H.R. 3504 (a bill to criminalize overtly killing babies born alive or neglecting to provide them care when they are accidentally born alive). While it wasn’t a surprise to anyone who knows President Obama’s abortion-loving stance, it still seems shocking that the White House could Read more […]

13 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger

Planned Parenthood, engulfed in a scandal following the release of two undercover videos, is the largest abortion provider in the United States. On its website, the organization compliments Margaret Sanger as one of the pro-choice movement’s “great heroes.” Sanger started the American Birth Control League in 1921; it became part of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America in 1942. Planned Parenthood praises Sanger for “providing contraception and other health services” and “advancing Read more […]

Bombshell: Federal Judge Says Americans Can’t be Forced to Follow Obamacare Mandates!

Monday was a wonderful day in court for conservatives and pro-lifers across the nation. Federal judge Richard Leon handed down his ruling on Monday, permanently prohibiting the federal government from forcing its Obamacare abortion-pill mandate on any pro-life organization – regardless of its religious beliefs. Up until this decision the Obama administration had argued that any organization that was not a church or religious organization could be forced to offer abortifacients and other contraceptives Read more […]

StemExpress Founder: Planned Parenthood Workers On Two Payrolls

The head of a human tissue company that used to contract with Planned Parenthood clinics said sometimes the group’s staffers were on two payrolls. In a ninth video released by the Center for Medical Progress, StemExpress founder Cate Dyer tells undercover anti-abortion activists that at times, there were Planned Parenthood staffers who were also paid by another human tissue company called Advanced Bioscience Resources for acting in an advisory role. “Some of their staff, not that I know so Read more […]

Planned Parenthood Admits It Manipulates Rules on Fetal Organ Sales to Maximize Profit

In a letter to Congress intended to defend its practices and attack its hidden-video critics, Planned Parenthood wound up lending credence to accusations that it manipulates rules on selling fetal organs to maximize profit. Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, admitted in an 11-page letter Thursday that its affiliates have accepted payments ranging from $45 to $60 “per tissue specimen” from abortions, but said that they were reimbursements to cover costs, Read more […]

Hillary Clinton: Republicans Who Want to Defund Planned Parenthood Are Like ‘Terrorist Groups’

In Hillary’s world, if you’re a person who wants to stop Planned Parenthood from dismembering babies — from slicing open their faces to sell their brains — then you’re like ISIS: In this delightful video, she claims Marco Rubio wants to deny victims of rape and incest “access to healthcare, to an abortion,” condemns Jeb Bush for wanting to de-fund Planned Parenthood, and attacks John Kasich for allegedly not providing state funding for rape crisis centers that referred patients for Read more […]

Obama Punishes Kansas for De-Funding Planned Parenthood by Cutting Funds

The Obama administration has punished the state of Kansas for cutting taxpayer funds for the Planned Parenthood abortion business by cutting its federal Title X funding by the same amount. The moves comes at the same time the abortion giant is facing intense criticism over its sales of aborted babies and their body parts. In 2011, pro-life Governor Sam Brownback signed a bill signed into law a bill that would shift funding away from the Planned Parenthood abortion business and stops abortion funding Read more […]

Ex-Satanist: Babies Are Ritually Aborted for the Devil

Zachary King remembers the day well. It was in 1982. He was young, rebellious and dabbling in the occult. But on that day, he would make the transition from novice to the deeper things of Satan. “I had just turned 14, and they told me there was going to be a sex party in someone’s house and all the males in the coven were going to sleep with this woman,” recalls King, now 47 and a pro-life activist living in Florida. “And the purpose of the party was to get her pregnant, and then Read more […]