Kanye West Is Leaving The US Because It’s ‘Too Racist’

Kanye West, an American rapper, is one of the best-selling artists of all time. He is currently married to Kim Kardashian and has won a total of 21 million albums as well as 100 million digital downloads. Time Magazine has named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world for 2005, 2011 and 2015. After accepting the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award, Kanye West announced his 2020 run for president. “I don’t know what I stand to lose after this, it don’t matter though, because it Read more […]

Stop Watching the NBA — Not Enough White Players

Jada Pinka and Spike Lee are calling on their fellow-black friends to boycott the Academy Awards because there were no black nominees. It’s not that blacks have not not been nominated in the past. Here’s a list from Wikipedia. Most people would be surprised at the number of black actors and actresses nominated and blacks who have won an Academy Award. “Denzel Washington has the most nominations for an African-American Actor: Best Actor (4 nominations) and Best Supporting Actor (2 nominations).” Will Read more […]

Portland Community College to Devote an Entire Month to ‘Whiteness’-Shaming

Portland Community College has designated April “Whiteness History Month” (WHM), an “educational project” exploring how the “construct of whiteness” creates racial inequality. “‘Whiteness History Month: Context, Consequences, and Change’ is a multidisciplinary, district-wide, educational project examining race and racism through an exploration of the construction of whiteness, its origins, and heritage,” PCC states on its website. “Scheduled for the month of April 2016, the project seeks to inspire Read more […]

Hillary Accuses GOP Candidates of Talking in ‘Coded, Racial’ Language About Obama, Poor

Hillary Clinton said tonight at a Democratic Party dinner that Republican White House candidates are using ‘coded, racial’ language to talk about President Barack Obama and the poor. ‘What I really find so appealing, is the insulting, mean-spirited derogatory language that is used,’ she said, talking about the GOP’s presidential debates, ‘starting first and foremost against our president.’ They’re going after immigrants and refugees, and ‘now they’ve thrown in New Yorkers,’ Clinton said at Read more […]

Bernie Sanders Wants White People to Apologize for Slavery…Now

It’s hard getting old. Bernie Sanders is getting old and he’s not thinking straight. It doesn’t help that his political philosophy is out of whack. His latest scheme to get votes is demanding that white America apologize for slavery. I’m pretty sure that the deaths of 600,000 dead American citizens who died to “free the slaves” is quite an apology. Not to mention the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act, Affirmative Action, the expanding welfare system, the War on Poverty, naming Read more […]

Geraldo Rivera: Obama Difficulties Proves America Not Ready for Black President

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered,” network regular Geraldo Rivera theorized President Barack Obama’s difficulties in bringing the country together on issues like guns and terror is a result of “the nation was not ready for a black president.” Rivera said, “I think, and his is just strictly my Constitutionally protected opinion—I know you get mad at me but I think this—I think what is clear is that the nation was not ready for a black president. And I think the gross Read more […]

Comedian Jackie Mason: Israel’s Worst Enemy are Liberal Jews

Jackie Mason was once one of the most popular comedians in America, and for very good reason, the man is hilarious. But a few years ago he spoke out on a very serious subject when he recorded a special video message explaining who Israel’s real worst enemy is… Liberal Jews. That’s right, funny man Jackie Mason blames Democrats and Liberal Jews for the problems facing Israel today, and I think he’s 100% correct. As many Muslim enemies that Israel has, the most dangerous enemy is the Read more […]

Florida Muslim Leader Commemorates Hamas, Calls Jews Monkeys and Pigs

When South Florida Muslim leader Sofian Zakkout wants people to believe he is a man of peace, he speaks or writes it in English. But when Zakkout wants to show his true colors and curse Jews or call for violence against people, he does so in Arabic. This month, Zakkout’s real self came out once again, as he labeled Jews the “grandsons of monkeys and pigs,” while commemorating the 28th anniversary of Hamas. Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout is the Director of the American Muslim Association of North Read more […]

Leftist Actor Samuel Jackson: Muslims Are ‘The New Young Black Men’

What would you expect from someone who has pledged his blind allegiance to the “party of victims” and to the ultimate victim, Hillary Clinton? Actor Samuel L. Jackson says in the aftermath of the San Bernardino shooting, he found himself hoping the attacker was a white male. “I can’t even tell you how much that day the thing that happened in San Bernardino — I was in Hawaii — how much I really wanted that to just be another, you know, crazy white dude, and not really some Muslims,” Read more […]

Americans Boycott Sam’s Club After CEO’s Racist Comments About White Males

Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer outraged customers after she admitted to openly discriminating against white males in an interview. Brewer openly admitted to institutionalized racism at Sam’s Club during an interview with Yahoo. Mad World News reported: Rosalind Brewer presides over one of the largest wholesale clubs in America, and apparently, she’s a raging liberal, according to Yahoo! Finance. She recently did an interview with CNN and revealed that to her, the color of one’s skin Read more […]

Students at Liberal College Complain Cafeteria Food is Racist

The noted liberal arts school explores new frontiers in getting offended. University dining halls aren’t exactly famous for serving gourmet dishes, but Oberlin students say their meals aren’t merely bad—they are racially inauthentic, and thus, a form of microaggression. It’s one thing to quietly gripe about the quality of dorm food (students have likely been doing that for centuries). It’s quite another to accuse the dining room staff of stealing from Asian culture because they didn’t Read more […]

Sam’s Club CEO Admits She Discriminates Against White Males, but It’s OK Since She’s black Female

Oh, the humanity. Sam’s Club black, female CEO Rosalind Brewer told CNN’s Poppy Harlow that she recently met with a supplier whose executive team was comprised of all white males. “Just today we met with a supplier and the entire other side of the table was all Caucasian males,” she told Harlow who asked her what she said to them. “I decided not to talk about it directly with his folks in the room because there were actually no female, like, levels down,” she said. “I’m gonna Read more […]