Trump Wants to Repeal and Replace Obamacare With Government Universal Healthcare

This past Sunday GOP frontrunner Donald Trump appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes for a one-on-one interview with Scott Pelley about the state of the race and to discuss Trump’s specific positions on certain issues. The most enlightening moment came when the discussion turned to healthcare and Trump had the opportunity to excoriate Obamacare (rightly). “Obamacare’s going to be repealed and replaced. Obamacare is a disaster if you look at what’s going on with premiums where they’re up 40, 50, Read more […]

MSNBC Interview: Hillary Doesn’t Know Difference Between Being Democrat and Socialist

I don’t think Chris Matthews meant to confuse Hillary Clinton, but he did it nonetheless. During an MSNBC interview that the Clinton campaign probably assumed would be a walk in the park, Matthews threw Clinton an unintentional curveball when he asked her to explain the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist. I’m not one. I’m a progressive Democrat who likes to get things done and who believes that we are better off in this country when we’re trying to solve problems together. Getting Read more […]

Canada Company Sues Obama: Says He Violated Treaties, Exceeded Authority Over Keystone

The Canadian company that proposed the Keystone XL oil pipeline filed a lawsuit over the U.S. government’s rejection of the project and announced it plans to file a second legal challenge that will seek more than $15 billion in damages. TransCanada filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday in Houston alleging President Barack Obama’s decision in November to kill the pipeline exceeded his power under the U.S. Constitution. The company also announced the same day that it will submit a separate petition Read more […]

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Says The Government MUST Protect People From Their Own Stupidity

It’s no secret that democrats think the American people are stupid. In fact, they count on that stupidity to win elections. If it weren’t for low-information reactionaries and hysterical nitwits voting, we’d have a one-party system in this country. And while the democrats’ disdain for American intelligence is not a state secret, none of them have actually said that the US is full of dummies until now. DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz has revealed that she believes the job of government is Read more […]

Obama Starts Cracking Down on Food Co-op’s!

A New York based food co-op is looking into ending it’s well-known, volunteer-based model over concerns it leaves them open to federal complaints, according to reports Sunday. Federal agencies have moved to redefined employment under President Barack Obama. The definition has grown to include workers who were not traditionally considered employees. Some members at Honest Weight Food Co-Op are concerned the widening definition puts their business model at risk of federal scrutiny. Food co-ops Read more […]

Obama’s new gun control force dwarfs Pentagon’s ISIS team, 430-50

President Obama plans to build a new gun control force of 430 agents, more than eight times the size of the team of commandos he is sending to the Middle East to hunt down and destroy ISIS terrorists. According to a White House fact sheet, the president plans to deploy 200 more Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents “to help enforce our gun laws.” He also plans to add at least 230 new FBI agents to pour over the backgrounds of gun buyers. Said the White House: “The FBI will Read more […]

Ben Shapiro: Why Are Leftists So Gung-Ho About Shooting Americans For Disobeying Government?

All right. Let’s ignore for a moment that these militia types have taken over a shack in a wildlife refuge without violence. Let’s ignore that the left has routinely made excuses for actual violence from groups ranging from Baltimore and Ferguson rioters to Occupy Wall Street. Wouldn’t it be worthwhile asking, just for the sake of argument, whether violation of a particular law is worth killing someone? Now, that question applies less to the Bundy group than to the Hammonds. The Bundy Read more […]

Montel Williams Wants the National Guard to SHOOT TO KILL Oregon Protesters

Montel Williams is calling for the National Guard to storm the militia members held up in a vacant wilderness building on “shoot to kill orders.” The talk show host turned prescription drug pitchman–who amazingly has 160,000 Twitter followers–posted a message late Saturday night to his “fans” in response to someone who said the protesters are looking to get attention:

Study: 2015 Was RECORD Year for Federal Regulation

2015 was a record-setting year for the Federal Register, according to numbers the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., released Wednesday. This year’s daily publication of the federal government’s rules, proposed rules and notices amounted to 81,611 pages as of Wednesday, higher than last year’s 77,687 pages and higher than the all-time high of 81,405 pages in 2010 — with one day to go in 2015. 01 In a blog post on the libertarian think tank’s website, the group’s vice Read more […]

VIDEO: SNL Star Slams Obamas for Being Attention Whores

Millions of Americans are sick of seeing the Obamas faces plastered virtually everywhere, from ESPN to late night talk shows to various Hollywood award ceremonies like the Oscars; there is virtually no escaping the shadow of the Obamas. The Marxist couple of Barry and Moochelle have infiltrated — and tried to move to the anti-American left — American culture more than any president and first family before them. And it’s not just principled constitutional conservatives — Tea Party members Read more […]

FDA to Crack Down on Home-Based Soap Makers

People who are trying to do good for their families and the planet by living a simple life based on traditional skills are facing yet another assault. Artisanal soap makers say new regulations, proposed by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) and Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine), will put them out of business. The view of Sen. Feinstein and her corporate backers (listed below) is that the Personal Care Products Safety Act (Senate Bill S.1014) will make the world a safer place by scrutinizing Read more […]

Mayor Asked to Resign After Saying Obama is a Muslim Who Has Destroyed Democracy

Superior City Councilor Graham Garfield says several city councilors want Mayor Bruce Hagen to retract a statement he made on Facebook or resign. They say if he doesn’t, they’ll look into a citywide recall vote. The comment, made on Facebook, related to a picture of Michelle Obama posted by one of Mayor Hagen’s friends. The post reads, “She and her Muslim partner have destroyed the fabric of democracy that was so very hard fought for.” Mayor Hagen said he made the comment regarding Read more […]