VA Sacrificed Vets Lives to Accomodate Obama’s Green Energy Executive Order

The VA Scandal began at the Phoenix VA Health Care System where administrators earned promotions and bonuses by shunting patients who needed treatment into fake waiting lists. As many as 40 veterans had died while waiting for care and 1,715 veterans in the Phoenix VA Health Care System had waited more than 90 days for an appointment. A retired Navy serviceman died of bladder cancer after being put on a 7-month waiting list after blood was found in his urine. He finally received an appointment Read more […]

BLM Land Scheme – Acquire, Restrict, Develop, Profit and Repeat

Page 8 of 22 of an internal BLM document exposing the Secret BLM Land Acquisition, Holding and Development Scheme As a reminder, NLCS stands for National Landscape Conservation System, which is basically the best of the public lands held by BLM. FLTFA is the Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act, which empowers the BLM to sell and purchase land, in effect, becoming a real estate investment arm of the United States Government with eminent domain powers. As usual, I’ve underlined what I Read more […]

Did Democrat Donor Influence Latest Keystone Delay?

On Friday April 18, the Obama Administration announced yet another delay on whether or not to proceed with the Keystone XL pipeline. The Obama Administration’s decision came in the wake of a new ABC News-Washington Post poll which found 65 percent of Americans support the construction of the pipeline with only 22 percent opposed. Following the latest delay, NBC mostly ignored the story, giving it a paltry 18-seconds on the Saturday April 19 Today. Keystone was briefly mentioned on Sunday’s Read more […]

The Myth Of Environmental Danger From The Keystone XL Pipeline

I’ve expressed my reservations about the Keystone XL Pipeline as a conservative who hates eminent domain, but there may be ways to get around that problem (as I learned from the comment to my earlier post). The main popular objection to the pipeline is an environmental concern. How can the pipeline pose a substantial risk to the environment? One class of objections are about global warming. It goes like this: If the Keystone XL Pipeline goes through that will increase Canada’s fuel Read more […]

Sarah Palin: Putin Known for ‘Wrestling Bears’ While Obama is Known for Wearing ‘Mom Jeans’

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a man known for wrestling bears while President Barack Obama is known for wearing mom jeans. “People are looking at Putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil,” Palin said to Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Monday night. “They look at our president as one who wears mom jeans and equivocates and bloviates.” Palin’s comments came just days after Obama was photographed in the Oval Office sporting denim Read more […]

WH Official Confesses Obama’s Energy Policy Will Cause Electricity Rates to Skyrocket

The Obama Administration’s rules requiring “clean coal” technology in power plants could increase electricity costs by 70 percent to 80 percent in some parts of the country. That admission was made to a Congressional committee by Julio Friedmann, the deputy assistant Secretary of Energy in charge of “clean coal” technology. “At a coal gasification facility, the cost of electricity may be increased by 40 percent; at a pulverized coal power plant, by upwards of 80 percent,” Rep. Tim Read more […]

‘Global Warming’ Labels Proposed for Gas Pumps

You know the Surgeon General’s warning on the side of a pack of cigarettes? “Smoking causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and May Complicate Pregnancy.” Well, there’s a group in California that’s proposing putting similar warning labels on gas pumps, reminding users that the burning of fossil fuels contributes to “climate change.” Maybe that will help wean people off putting gas in their vehicles. It’s worked so well in convincing people to stop using tobacco products. The Read more […]

Big Brother Wants to Put Black Box in Your Car, Tax Every Mile You Drive

As America’s road planners struggle to find the cash to mend a crumbling highway system, many are beginning to see a solution in a little black box that fits neatly by the dashboard of your car. The devices, which track every mile a motorist drives and transmit that information to bureaucrats, are at the center of a controversial attempt in Washington and state planning offices to overhaul the outdated system for funding America’s major roads. The usually dull arena of highway planning has Read more […]