Ex-GAO Head: US Debt is Three Times More Than You Think

The former U.S. comptroller general says the real U.S. debt is closer to about $65 trillion than the oft-cited figure of $18 trillion. Dave Walker, who headed the Government Accountability Office (GAO) under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, said when you add up all of the nation’s unfunded liabilities, the national debt is more than three times the number generally advertised. “If you end up adding to that $18.5 trillion the unfunded civilian and military pensions and retiree Read more […]

Banks Poised to Charge for Deposits

Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen suggested the Fed might consider negative interest rates, which effectively means financial institutions would charge customers to keep money in an account. Several of Europe’s ailing commercial banks have imposed the measure in a desperate attempt to reinvigorate the economy. But in the United States, banks have generally tried to entice customers with various interest rate advantages and other banking benefits, such as free checking and savings or even Read more […]

$20 Trillion Man: National Debt Nearly Doubles During Obama Presidency

When President Obama signs into law the new two-year budget deal Monday, his action will bring into sharper focus a part of his legacy that he doesn’t like to talk about: He is the $20 trillion man. Mr. Obama’s spending agreement with Congress will suspend the nation’s debt limit and allow the Treasury to borrow another $1.5 trillion or so by the end of his presidency in 2017. Added to the current total national debt of more than $18.15 trillion, the red ink will likely be crowding the $20 Read more […]

Climate Alarmist Admits Global Warming Isn’t About Science But About Destroying Capitalism

he progressive movement has been incredibly skilled at weaving false narratives in order to justify taking away individual liberty. They do it all the time, and the media helps them promote these narratives as fact when they are often far from it. That’s why it’s nice when one of them actually says what’s going on. Often, progressives do this flippantly, without realizing that they’ve just given away their hand. from IBD: The most persistent hobgoblin of the last quarter-century has Read more […]

Group Advocating $15/hr Minimum Wage only Pays $12/hr!

An advocacy group out of Modesto, Calif. pushing for a $15 an hour minimum wage posted a job ad Thursday offering to pay $12 an hour. Below what it is demanding others pay their workers. The Craigslist post was for a job opening at the local Fight for $15 campaign. On the national level, the organization has spearheaded the push to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The post was signed by Steven Applebaum who lists his affiliation with the Modesto Fight for $15 campaign. “Do you make Read more […]

Major Internet Company Stockpiles Months of Food and $10 Million in Gold for Employees: ‘We Don’t Trust Wall Street’

While the world’s super elite prepare everything from stylish bunkers to emergency submarines, most couldn’t care less about their millions of employees should a widespread crisis strike financial markets or the economic system. There is, however, one notable high net worth exception according to a recent speech from Overstock.com Chairman Jonathan Johnson who notes that after many years of getting hammered by short-sellers they’ve lost total trust in Wall Street and the government’s ability to Read more […]

Democrat Energy Policies are Crushing America’s Poor!

Democrats are fond of trotting out tired old lines like “war on women” or “cutting taxes for the rich” when arguing with their Republican counterparts; it’s their best weapon in the battle over policy. The reason they’re forced to resort to these tactics is because they hardly ever win on just the merits of their arguments – so they are forced to turn to rhetorical attacks to undermine their opponents. One such rhetorical flourish is when they imply (or just outright say) that Republicans Read more […]

Why You Shouldn’t Play the Lottery in a Blue State!

I don’t play the lottery. Over the years, my children have asked why I don’t. Well, I tell them, first, it is not a good bet. You’ll more than likely be struck by lightning than win the lottery. I’ve also told them that it would be just my luck that the one time I do win, 10,000 others will have played the same numbers and we’ll each receive $12.50, or something like that. It does seem as though most people who play the lottery have no business doing so. They are more than likely the least able Read more […]

Record 94 Million People No Longer Looking for Jobs

A record 94,031,000 Americans were not in the American labor force last month — 261,000 more than July — and the labor force participation rate stayed stuck at 62.6 percent, a 38-year low, for a third straight month in August, the Labor Department reported on Friday, as the nation heads into the Labor Day weekend. The number of Americans not in the labor force has continued to rise, partly because of retiring baby-boomers and fewer workers entering the workforce. In August, according to Read more […]

Wal-Mart Cuts Some Workers’ Hours After Pay Raise Boosts Costs

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., in the midst of spending $1 billion to raise employees’ wages and give them extra training, has been cutting the number of hours some of them work in a bid to keep costs in check. Regional executives told store managers at the retailer’s annual holiday planning meeting this month to rein in expenses by cutting worker hours they’ve added beyond those allocated to them based on sales projections. The request has resulted in some stores trimming hours from their schedules, Read more […]

Congressional Budget Office Report Forecasts Unsustainable Debt

The economy is sluggish but growing and inflation remains low, painting a decidedly mixed picture for the federal government, the Congressional Budget Office reported Tuesday, saying the fiscal situation is improving this year but will snap back by 2018 to swelling deficits and unsustainable debt. The inflation rate is so low that Social Security beneficiaries probably won’t get a cost-of-living raise after this year, the CBO said. But tax revenue is up and spending has stayed pat, which is Read more […]

15 States Took a Massive Stand Against Job-Killing Obama Plan

Fifteen states have teamed up to launch a federal lawsuit against a burdensome new Environmental Protection Agency regulation that they claim would kill jobs, negatively affect the energy industry and grant the EPA far too much power. The states opposing this new regulation were, so far, Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming. “With this rule, the EPA is attempting to transform itself Read more […]